• Distance Learning Spring 2020

    Hello!!! I'm going to use this webpage to communicate with families and students. Feel free to email me at jkemerer@chsd1.org.

    At this point in the year, students know all the fundamentals on their instruments. The most important thing right now is that students simply need to play their instruments to retain the muscle memory that they've developed. They can play along with YouTube videos, practice with New Smartmusic, FaceTime with friends. Students should practice between the tempos of 60-100. They can play at fast tempos to be silly once and awhile, but please encourage them to use reasonable tempos so they do not become frustrated.

    There is an overwhelming amount of resources on the internet right now. Please check back often as I will be updating my website and adding resources. 

    Homework: Students will continue to practice 80 minutes a week. Instead of turning in a traditional practice journal, I would like parents to email me (jkemerer@chsd1.org) the total number of minutes practiced every Monday (except for the Monday after Easter).


    1. Practice where you left off in your book. Remember that your book is color coded and that all new information will be explained at the top of the page.

    2. Practice your concert music.

    3. Learn ANY fun song that you find on the internet. I have organized YouTube play-alongs under your specific instruments on this page. Remember to use the pull down menu to see the folders under each instruments! I will update these YouTube links as I find more and more songs.

    4. Subscribe to Dr. Selfridge's YouTube page. He is posting great resources every day. He is also holding a virtual full band rehearsal every Monday at 3PM. You can also play along with his recorded rehearsals. 

    5. You can practice with friends using FaceTime or any virtual meeting tool that your parents allow you to use.


    1. New SmartMusic (click on that link for a code and how to sign up for NewSmartMusic)

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    - This only works in Google Chrome

    - You all know how I feel about New SmartMusic. Use it! I promise you that it'll make practicing so much more enjoyable. You can even record yourself playing with a track and send it to relatives. It's a great resource.

    - Remember, the way SmartMusic is set up makes everything an "Assignment". I label things as Assignments on SmartMusic so they show up on the homescreen, but you can practice ANYTHING on there. 

    - You have access to every title on NewSmartMusic. Go to "search" and you can use different method books, band pieces (4th grade should use the filter Beginning Band and 5th grade should use Beginning Band or Very Easy).

    - Optional: You can record yourself through New SmartMusic and send it to me or it'll create a link that you can email to anyone.

    - Also note: If you tried New SmartMusic once and gave up TRY IT AGAIN. It won't take long to learn how to navigate the program.

    2. Interactive Practice Studio (IPS) (you have a free code with the Tradition of Excellence book)

    - This is a great tool, especially because it works on older computer and doesn't require much internet power. I compiled more information here: IPS Help

    - I know that students in the past have tried this and then given up. Try it again! I think this program is a little clunky at first but within a few uses it should feel comfortable.

    3. Percussion

    - Remember that the first 4 lessons of the Wessels (blue) book are organized on my website complete with instructional videos. You should all be able to finish lessons 1-3. 

    - Remember the bells? Practice the few pages of the Tradition of Excellence book to get familiar with the bells again. You can also play any piano music that you can find on the bells.

    4. Guitar/Ukulele/Piano/Drum Set



    - On YouTube look up "Daily Lessons with Little Kids Rock" and you will find lessons on Guitar, Bass, ANYTHING!

    - Subscribe to Spencer Hale's YouTube Channel for Play-Alongs

    5. SoundTrap

     - If you want to try creating some music, here is a link to create music using Soundtrap: https://www.soundtrap.com/invite/GR6LHLA

    - On YouTube, look up "Daily Lessons with Little Kids Rock" and follow the Soundtrap lessons with Spencer Hale from the beginning.