The person registering a student for school must be a resident of the Cambria Heights School District and must be:

    A. Either parent listed on the birth certificate.

    B. A guardian appointed to the student in the custody agreement, signed by a judge.

    C. An Affidavit for guardianship.

    D. A verified foster parent.

    E. A host family for an approved foreign exchange student.

    F. A student may register him/herself if age 18 or over.
    G. A verified preadoptive parent.
    General Instructions

    1) Registrations by appointment are preferred.

    2) To schedule an appointment, contact the main office at:
    3) The parent/guardian must provide the following list of required documents for registration purposes:

    A. Student's proof of age (acceptable documents include):

    • --State issued birth certificate
    • --Notarized copy of birth certificate



    B. Student's immunization/shot record (acceptable documents include):

    1. --Student's immunization record
    2. --Written statement from the former school district or medical office stating that the required immunizations have been administered including dates of immunizations or that a required series is in progress



    C. Residency proof of parent registering student, which must include name and current address in the Cambria Heights School District (acceptable documents may include but are not necessarily limited to the following):

    1. --Current utility bill Current credit card bill
    2. --Rental/lease agreement Property tax bill
    3. --Contract to purchase/build a home Vehicle Registration
    4. --Deed Driver's License DOT Identification Card
    5. --Residence Affidavit (Prepared on site in lieu of other forms)
    6. --More than one form of residency confirmation may be required.



    D. Home Language Survey (prepared at time of registration)

    Information not required but beneficial to student for enrollment:
    1. --Name, address and telephone number of previous school

              --Documents relating to special education needs such as a current IEP, NOREP, Evaluation Report, etc.


      The District reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any documents provided and take appropriate action if not satisfied.