• Health Syllabus


    This is a course that is based on personal learning experiences which favorable influence the student's attitude toward health related issues.  In addition, this course will present sufficient background information in anatomy and physiology so that the student will understand the basic structure of his/her own body and its functions.  The student will also receive knowledge of the various kinds of drugs, the risks and protective factors one has and how to identifythem.  The student will be exposed to the beneficial side of drugs, especially in regard to medicine and to the negative side of drugs when they are abused.  The student will study chemical dependency and its effects on the individual, the family and societal problems.  The student will also receive instruction in the following topics: organic and functional diseases, disease prvention, aspects of total fitness;which include physical, mental, emotional, social, and spirtitual health, and HIV/AIDS/STD awareness.   Students in the 9th grade will take this course.



    1.  Arrive and be seated in assigned seat on time.  If not, you will be recoreded as tardy which brings with it Administrative Detention.


    2.  Deficiency reports will be distributed half way through each nine week period.  Deficiency qualifications are:  1.  Below a 65%  2.  Large number of homework and/or class work incomplete.  3.  Low Test and/or quiz grades.  4.  Not working to potential.


    3.  Textbooks and notebooks must be brought to class every day.


    4.  The textbook is your property.  It must be returned to the teacher at the end of the year in relatively the same condition as you received it.


    5.  The textbook is to be covered at all times.


    6.  Record all notes in your notebook.  If absent, recieive missed notes from a peer.


    7.  All homework, class work, etc.  must be completed before taking chapter examination.  If you take a chapter or unit examination all unfinished or incomplete work will become an automatic zero.


    8.  Ask a peer or the teacher for assignments you have missed.


    9.  Contact the teacher for make-up tests as soon as you return to school.


    10.  If you have any questions, ask at any time.


    11.  Extra Credit is up to the teacher.


    12.  Sign-out procedure.

    13.  If you become extremely sick, do not sign out or ask for permission to leave, just leave the classroom and go to the Nurses office and/or the High School office.  If you need assistance ask a peer.


    14.  Fire Drill procedure.


    15.  Grading System:  All chapter test, Unit test, homework, class work, quizzes, class participation, work sheets, etc. will be averaged together for your nine week percentage grade.


    16. All students will take the Health final exam.