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    The Classroom Calendar site will help you keep track of your daily Special Classes during Full Virtual Lessons.  Full Virtual Learning Days until February 1, 2021! Please check Google Meet and Seesaw for your daily assignments.
     When you go back to in-classroom lessons....
    You MUST have your light blue Homework Folder and iPad everyday you are attending school. You will carry your Homework folder to all your classes and the folder will be used for homework, classwork, and/or parent information. 
    Please wear sneakers on your scheduled Gym day and return your library book on your scheduled Library day. Everyday you will have outside recess (except if it is storming and/or below 32 degrees). On the cold days you might need a coat, gloves, a hat, a scarf to go outside for recess. When there is snow on the ground you might need snow pants and boots. 
           Saturday, January 23, 2021