• Nutrition Group


    K-12 Meal Services

    One of our primary and most utilized services is providing on-site nourishing meals to K-12 students. The Nutrition Group understands the importance of proper nutrition, and the role it plays in a child’s ability to perform in school. We strive to maximize student participation in the National School Breakfast Program (NSBP) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This is achieved through innovative merchandising and promotions that feature trendy nutritious favorites, as well as home-style and traditional fare.


    The Nutrition Group focuses more time, attention and local/regional support on your schools and community than any other food service management company.


    With The Nutrition Group, your highly experienced management support team begins with a food service director, who is on-site and involved with all day-to-day operations. This individual’s first line of support is a regional manager, who is responsible for only a limited number of accounts. Both managers are then further supported by our corporate management team comprised of the following experts and specialists: purchasing, loss prevention, risk management, registered RN, dietetics, human resources, benefits specialists, information technology, merchandising, marketing, training, corporate chefs and regional operations specialists.


    The Nutrition Group is committed to the schools and communities we serve, and is involved in promoting nutrition and wellness through various educational programs. We take a proactive role in the on-going training and development of your food service staff.

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