• October 15, 2019


    Dear Fifth Grade Parents/Guardians,


    The 5th grade band will have their annual Winter Concert on the stage at the Cambria Heights ELEMENTARY School on Thursday, December 12th at 6:00PM. I would like for the band members to meet in the band room by 5:15PM to get prepared for the concert. The in-school concert will be at CHES in the afternoon at 1:30PM. All 5th grade band members are expected to participate in the concerts. If your son/daughter cannot attend the concerts please send me a signed note before the concerts.

    Concert dress for the morning AND evening concert is going to be black pants or skirts and a white shirt, or as close as possible. Please do not feel obligated to buy a new outfit just for this concert. The stage gets very hot so students should wear short sleeves if possible and should avoid wearing heavy sweaters.

                We will share this concert with the 4th & 5th grade choruses. The 5th grade band will go first at 6:00PM and the choruses will perform second. Please be sure to be courteous to both performing groups and keep the noise in the hallways and commons to a minimum because the sound travels into the cafetorium. Please do not allow kids to run in the back of the gym. We cannot use the high school auditorium because of the renovations, so we will try to make the best possible atmosphere at CHES. There is no admission fee and tickets are not required.

    Students will be allowed to perform solos at the concert. In order to perform a solo at the concert, students must have turned in all of the practice journals from the beginning of the year up until the concert. Students also need to perform the solo for me twice on two different days before December 5th. The solo needs to be performance quality both times. No exceptions!

    Please go to my website at https://www.chsd1.org/Page/393 and select New SmartMusic for information on how students can practice with recordings of their concert music on SmartMusic for free. Practicing with these recordings will help students to prepare for the concert.

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me at jkemerer@chsd1.org or call me at the elementary school at 344-8506 before 8:00AM or after 2:30PM. Please sign the form below and have your child return it to me so I can be assured that you have received this.


    Best Regards,

    Mrs. J. Kemerer