• Access E-Mail Outside of CHSD

    You can access your CHSD e-mail outside of school on your home computer and Apple or Android mobile devices. Below are directions to access your CHSD e-mail.


    On A Computer

    1.      Browse to the Cambria Heights school website, gmail.com, or mail.chsd1.org.

    2.       Login to your school e-mail account.
    Username: example@chsd1.org

    Password: Your e-mail password


    On iPhone & iPad

    You can either use the preinstalled Mail app or download the Gmail app for free from the app store.

    Mail App

    1.      Open the settings app > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Google

    2.       Enter your name, school e-mail address (i.e. example@chsd1.org), and password and push next at the top right.

    3.       Select the options you want to synchronize with your e-mail on your phone and push save.

    4.      Open the mail app and you should begin to get any e-mails delivered to your iPhone or iPad.

    Gmail App

    1.      Open the Gmail app.

    2.       Enter your school e-mail address (i.e. example@chsd1.org) and your e-mail password and push sign in.

    3.       You should begin to see your e-mail and will get any e-mails delivered to your iPhone or iPad.


    On Android Devices

    1.      Open the System Settings.

    2.       Scroll down to the Accounts section and press Add Account.

    3.       Select Google from the list of account types to begin the Google account setup.

    4.       Select the Google Account and choose to sync Gmail and anything else from your e-mail account.

    5.      Close the System Settings and launch the Gmail app and you should begin to see your e-mail synchronize to your phone.