• The information contained in this handbook will help you to understand the policy established in the best interest of all and serves as our Student Code of Conduct. The policies, procedures, rules, and regulations listed in this handbook are not an exhaustive list, but only a guide for students, teachers, and parents/guardians. We encourage you to read this handbook for that purpose. Your cooperation and understanding will help your child to achieve maximum results both academically and socially. We believe that the appropriate behavior of students is important to the entire community; therefore, we request the cooperation of all concerned in supporting the control factors that are necessary for a wholesome and safe educational environment.  

    The faculty and administration developed the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations that are described in this manual. The Board of School Directors officially adopted this manual as school district policy.

    The Cambria Heights School District is proud of the behavior that is maintained by our students. We hope that all citizens will help us to continue to practice and follow policies that have been an integral part of maintaining our high standards of education and positive student behavior. If, after reading this booklet, you have further questions that concern your child or the school, please call or come visit us.

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