More Information Here: https://kjos.com/IPS

    The tradition of Excellence method book includes a free subscription to IPS: Interactive Practice Studio. The details of IPS are available on the back page of the students' method books.

    With IPS students can:

    - Play along with accompaniments at different tempos for each song in the book.

    - Create recordings of their performances that can be emailed to friends & family.

    - Watch video lessons to learn or review techniques and skills.

    - Access a tuner and metronome.

    - Download audio and video files to use on a portable media device.

    - Use the Music Writer Touch software to complete written exercises and compose music. 

    - Access enrichment materials with fun facts, photos, illustrations, maps, and more!


    To access IPS on a computer, download the IPS software at www.kjos.com/ips. Follow the on-screen instructions and use the 16-digit User License Code printed in the back of your book. 


    The IPS App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Search for the "Kjos Interactive Practice Studio” or "Kjos IPS" app.

    Download the IPS app from the Apple App Store here: IPS APPLE STORE
    Download the IPS app from the Google Play Store here: IPS GOOGLE PLAY
    - Next, open the app, follow the on-screen instructions, and select GET PRODUCTS on the IPS Main Menu.
    - Select YES when asked if you have a physical book.
    - Enter your book's 16 digit product code from the last page of the Tradition of Excellence book.
    - Decide whether you want the "Media Only: Free" edition or the $1.99 "Digital Book" edition. The "Digital Book" turns the entire method book into an interactive app and is more user friendly than the "Media Only" option.
    - Try to get comfortable using the app. Watch the "Getting Started" videos that go along with pages 2 & 3. Select "page 4" and hit the speaker icon the hear the music for "the first note."


    The code can be used on up to five desktop devices. But, the code can only be used once on mobile devices. If a student has an iPad and a desktop or laptop computer, they may use the same code. If the student also has an iPhone, or another iPad, they may use the same code as long as that device is using the same AppleID as the device that originally used the code.




    Once I have the IPS on my desktop or mobile device, how do I use it?
    A: After navigating to a page, click or touch the speaker icon to hear a demonstration of the musical exercise. Choose from 3 tempos or loop the exercise. Click or touch the microphone icon to record a performance. Recordings may be shared with a teacher, a family member, or anyone else via email. Click or touch a video camera icon to watch an instructional video about a particular concept or technique. Click or touch a yellow star icon to explore more about the culture and history associated with the music being performed or to access other information. Click or touch a pdf icon to open text reflection forms. A full-function tuner is also included, as well as a metronome on the desktop version. 

    How much does it cost to access the IPS content?
    A: If you have a printed book with a code, you have free access to all media associated with a book including audio for practice and recording, videos, historical and cultural extras, and pdfs. There is a small fee if you do not have a printed book.

    Can I demo the IPS app?
    A: Yes. The mobile version of the INTERACTIVE Practice Studio can be downloaded for free without any code to your smart device from Google Play or the Apple App Store (see above), and includes several sample books showing select pages. (Once an in-app purchase is made, these sample books are no longer available).

    What are the system requirements for using the IPS?
    --Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32- or 64-bit operating systems)
    --Mac OS X 10.5, or newer.
    --1.6gHz of RAM (2GB RAM suggested)
    --Suggested screen resolution (minimum) is 1024x768

    The mobile requirements are shown on the compatibility section of the app stores. Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Android Mobile requirements – The android mobile requirements are in the Additional Information section.
    Requires Android
    4.1 and up

    Do my IPS downloads or purchases ever expire?
    A: No. There are no subscriptions needed to use the INTERACTIVE Practice Studio, so there is nothing that will expire. 

    Additional Questions

    If you have any additional questions regarding the Interactive Practice Studio™ (IPS) App, you can contact them at email@kjos.comGo here for help using the Interactive Practice Studio (IPS): https://kjos.com/index.php/IPS

    *Start watching at 2:00 for useful information on using the IPS Video Practice Guides: