• What is a Spirit Event?

    Spirit Events are athletic events where students and staff compete against each other.  They were initially designed to create school spirit and have evolved into a reward for those students who work to their best of their ability, behave well, and demonstrate respect within the school.

    Who Participates in a Spirit Event?

    First, teachers select students needed for the event. Next, the special teachers review the submitted names.
    Due to size constraints, the student body is divided into two groups: PreK-2 and 3-5.
    Second graders participate in three events with PreK & 1 cheering them on.
    Third and Fourth graders participate in one event.
    Fifth graders participate in five events. 
    Students in grades 2,3, and 4 are asked to bring in a t-shirt in their team's color to decorate in the art room.
    Students in grade 5 receive a spirit event t-shirt that they can decorate in the art room.


    Can Parents Attend?

    Parents and families of the selected students will receive a notice and are more than welcome to attend the event.
    Questions email or call Holly Stanek hstanek@chsd1.org