• The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) has new immunization regulations effective starting August 1, 2017. The PADOH is mandating all PA schools exclude students whom have not met these requirements by the first five days of school. We do not want to have to exclude any students and are asking parents to please complete this as soon as possible. Exemptions to immunizations such as medical, religious or philosophical reasons will still be accepted as long as it is presented in writing stating objection. Students exempt from immunizations, may be excluded from school during an outbreak. If a student is missing required doses, he/she must obtain the next or final dose within the first five days of school or will be excluded from school.  If the next dose is not the final dose or if it is not medically appropriate to receive the immunizations, a medical plan must be completed and signed by a physician outlining the dates scheduled for immunizations. *This medical plan will be reviewed every 30 days and must be followed or the student will be excluded from school, as mandated by the PADOH.  If the requirements are not met, the school administrator shall not admit the child to school nor permit continued attendance.

    Effective August 1, 2017 the PA Department of Health will require students in all grades to have the following properly spaced immunizations for attendance in school:

    • 4 doses of tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis *1 dose must be on/after 4th birthday
    • 4 doses of polio *3 doses if third dose is given on or after 4th birthday and at least 6 months after previous dose given.
    • 2 doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
    • 3 doses of Hepatitis B
    • 2 doses of varicella (chicken pox) or evidence of immunity

     On the first day of 7th grade, the following additional immunizations are required:


    • 1 dose of tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (Tdap)
    • 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate (MCV)


     On the first day of 12th grade, the following additional immunization is required:

    • 1 additional dose of meningococcal conjugate (MCV) * If the dose was given at 16 years of age or older, only one dose is required. To be immunized for 12th grade and college dose must be on or AFTER 16th birthday.

     Questions may be directed to the Nurse at the building level your child attends.