• “Caught Reading” is an extra reading activity that I use in my class as an incentive for my students to read more.  We all know that practice makes perfect, so the more a student reads the better reader they become.  “Caught Reading” is meant to motivate your child to read for enjoyment while improving their current reading skills. 


    I am encouraging my students to read at least 20-30 minutes each day, this is a very easy way to get their AR points quickly.  Reading material can be the following; AR book (highly recommended), independent reading book, grade level magazines, picture books to younger siblings, and comic books. 


    How does the “Caught Reading” activity work?  I will be randomly entering homerooms every week to see if I can CATCH students READING independently.  If your child is reading when I enter their homeroom, they should be prepared to talk about their reading material.  The day I catch them reading, their picture will be added to the “Caught Reading” wall displayed in my classroom.  If your child is not reading when I enter their homeroom, don’t worry, this will not count against them.  I will try to catch them reading on another day.  I try to catch every fifth grade student at least one time. 


    So, let’s encourage reading by putting down the electronics and picking up some type of reading material for at least 20-30 minutes a day.