• Accelerated Reader Program

    Dear Family,

    Your child will be starting the Accelerated Reader Program.  Your child’s AR book will be traveling from school to home and back every day, so please handle it with care.   Please return the book each school day because your child will have time to read throughout the school day.  If an AR book is lost or damaged, the book will need to be replaced. 

    AR books can be checked out and returned in my classroom.  Students can check out or return books in the morning from 7:30-8:00am or during Enrichment period from 2:15-2:30pm.  It is your child’s responsibility to check out or return AR books during these times.

    Like previous years, there will be a party at the end of each marking period for students who have reached the goal of 10 points or more for the each individual marking period.  Students have to have an 80% average at the end of the marking period, along with the goal of 10 points, to qualify for the party.  Points and averages for the parties do not carry over from marking period to marking period.

    AR is a part of the students Reading grade for each marking period.  For example, if a student achieves 8/10 points needed for the marking period, they would receive an 80% for AR.  Likewise, if a student achieves 2/10 points, they would receive a 20% for AR.  It is important to keep encouraging independent reading at home and school.

    Your child will be rewarded at the end of the year based on accumulated points; 40 points-Classroom Award, 60 points-Bronze Award, 125 points- Silver Award, and 200 points- Gold Award.  I hope you and your child enjoy this reading program. 

    “The more that you READ,

    The more things you’ll KNOW.

    The more that you LEARN,

    The more places you’ll GO!”


    Mrs. Nagel