• Enterprise Grant Application


    The Highlander Foundation rewards the creation of exciting and innovative educational ideas through the Enterprise Grant Program.

    Grants of up to $500.00 will be awarded to enable unique teaching strategies to become a reality. Special projects with a unique purpose or range of student involvement will be considered for additional funding.

    The Highlander Foundation will have a limit to the pool of funding, guiding the yearly provision of Enterprise Grants.


    Enterprise grant programs have evolved throughout the nation to meet two needs present today in most public school districts. First is the need to bring new resources to bear in the classroom, the focal point of education. Second is the need to break down the school district's isolation from business and civic leaders, from municipal government and from community members who may not have children in the public school system.

    Enterprise grant programs are not a new idea. Their prime goal is to reward teachers with an opportunity to put exciting and unique ideas into practice.

    Materials developed in Enterprise grant projects may become part of the school's regular curriculum. The excitement generated by a single grant can influence the learning climate of an entire school.

    Enterprise grants are effective because they put funds directly into the classroom/school where they can do the most good.


    All applications will be reviewed by leaders from the school and community as designated by the Highlander Foundation.

    The Highlander Foundation will give final approval to all funded projects.

    Intrested teachers should fill out the application carefully. Each proposal will be reviewed with respect to the following criteria.

    1. Is the project both innovative and curriculum-related?
    2. Is proposed project clearly stated? Are the goals realistic and worthwhile?
    3. Are the procedures to be followed clearly described? Are the methods, needed materials, resource personnel, tentative schedule and completion date specified?
    4. Is the budget request reasonable and sufficiently detailed? All proposals must include an itemized budget.
    5. Could this project be funded through the regular school budget?
    6. Does the project have the potential to involve the community in some way?
    7. Can this project become part of the regular curriculum? Does it have the potential to affect large numbers of pupils?

    Interested applicants should complete the following process:

    1. Think of a project/activity you would like to try in your classroom. You may wish to work with other teachers, administrators, and/or parents. Involve the students; get their ideas.
    2. Calculate the cost of the project. Obtain prices for the materials and supplies you will need.
    3. Carefully complete the application form.
    4. Submit your application to the address on the application no later than November 10.

    *Projects which will take several weeks to complete and have potential to become part of the regular curriculum have a better chance of being funded than "once and done" projects.

    *Applications must have the signature of the building principal.

    *Applicants will be notified of the Highlander Foundation's decision by November 15. Funded projects must be completed by May 31.
    ***To obtain a copy of the application, please visit Downloads and Forms on the left navigation.