• Purchasing an Instrument

    There are several options for purchasing an instrument. Please contact me if you want help purchasing an instrument. Please do not buy used or under-priced instruments online. Be cautious of buying colored instruments. Also, avoid buying instruments from department stores. A low quality instrument usually causes a student to become frustrated and quit. If you are interested in buying an instrument, I recommend calling a local music store for advice. The local stores are listed below:

    Volkwein's Music Store, Pittsburgh

    138 Industry Drive
    Pittsbugh, PA 15275
    Volkwein's sends a sales representative to CHES once a week. If you would like Volkwein's to repair your instrument, give it to Mrs. Kemerer & she will send it to Volkwein's. Put a note in the case that includes your contact information. Volkwein's will contact you before doing any repairs and you will be able to pay over the phone. 
    The Bandman, Altoona
    5828 Ohio Avenue
    Altoona, PA 16602
    Allegro Band Instruments, Sidman
    1052 Frankstown Road
    Sidman, PA 15955

    Buying a Used Instrument

    It is possible to find a decent used instrument online, a yard sale, or at a music store. If you go this route, look for a brand name instrument. Also, be aware that you should have any used instrument professionally cleaned before your child plays it. Woodwind instruments (flutes, clarinet, saxophones) usually need to be "repadded" before they can play well. This can cost between $200-300. Volkwein's has a trustworthy repair department. Brass instruments can be chemically cleaned, which is around $100. If you would like for Volkwein's to take a look at a used instrument you can give the instrument to me and I will give it to a Volkwein's sales representative. 


    Recommended Brands


    Recommended Brands: Gemeinhart, Jupiter, Yamaha


    Bb (B flat) Clarinet:

    Recommended Brands: Buffett, Jupiter, Yamaha


    Eb (E flat) Alto Saxophone:

    Recommended Brands: Jupiter, Yamaha


    French Horn:

    Recommended Brands: Jupiter, Yamaha


    Bb (B flat) Trumpet:

    Recommended Brands: King, Jupiter, Yamaha

    King 601

    Jupiter JTR700

    Wessex R38



    Recommended Brands: Jupiter, Yamaha



    Recommended Brands: Jupiter, Yamaha


    Percussion Combo Kit (includes bells & practice pad):

    Recommended Brands: Innovative Percussion, Pearl, Vic Firth, Yamaha

    Pearl PK910

    Pearl PL910C

    Pearl PK910C

    Yamaha SBK350


    *Students that purchase an instrument will still need a method book & instrument care accessoires. You can purchase these at the school. More information here: Book & Accessories List