• CHES Instrument Rental

    • To reserve an instrument please pay as soon as possible with only a check or money order made payable to the CH Activity Fund. (No cash please!)
    • Make sure that the CHES Instrument Rental Contract on the permission slip is completed if necessary.                              
    • 3rd grade students will receive their instruments in early-mid September.                          
    • 4th graders can rent their instruments over the summer if they pay for 5th grade rental before the end of the year.  
    • If you rent from CHES the Tradition of Excellence book and accessories are included with the 4th grade rental and the Do It! book is included in the 5th grade rental. If you rent from CHES both years you should not need to buy anything extra. If you lost something please purchase a replacement. All students should own the necessary care products to keep their instruments working properly.
    • If you cannot afford to pay the total rental cost please pay half ($40) or a third ($26.66) of the rental cost now. Your next payment will be due at the beginning of the next marking period.
    • Please note that once your child receives his or her instrument we are unable to give refunds on CHES Rentals.

    4th Grade Rental:

    • Total Cost: $80/year              
    • Includes: 
      • Instrument                              
      • Tradition of Excellence Book
      • SmartMusic Subscription                                            
      • All necessary instrument care products

    5th Grade Rental:                   

    • Total Cost: $80/year                   
    • Includes:                                       
      • Instrument                               
      • Do It! Method Book              
      • SmartMusic Subscription


    Instrument Care Products:

    (Included in 4th Grade Rental)

    Flute: swab $6, finger guide $7  

    Clarinet: swab $6, reed guard $2, reed $1, teeth cushion $1                    

    Alto Saxophone: swab $6, reed guard $2, reed $1, teeth cushion $1                        

    French horn: snake $4  

    Trumpet: snake $4, valve oil $4                      

    Baritone: valve oil $4, snake $4                

    Trombone: slide-o-mix $6


    Method Books:                                         

    Tradition of Excellence (4/5) - $10

    Perc. Tradition of Excellence (4/5) - $12

    Mark Wessels "A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum" - $12   

    Do It! Book (5th) - $10    

    Percussion Do It! Book (5th) - $12


    Recommended Technology:    

    • SmartMusic Subscription - free   
    • Tradition of Excellence App – free 


    * Make checks payable to CH Activity Fund.