• Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
    Arts In Education Programs
    The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) of Loretto brings three art programs to Cambria Heights Elementary School. The art programs are described below:

    Artist In Residence

    Each year, a different artist is selected to work with the students. The artist discusses their work and shows examples. The artist  then does a project with the students related to their artistic specialty. 

    Also the  5th graders have an opportunity to be chosen to work with the artist in residence in a small group setting. This core group of  students are mostly chosen by their artistic ability, but attitude and enthusiasm about the subject are also taken into consideration. The fifth grade core will work with myself and the artist to create a group project that will be a permanent part of the school.  

    Museum Curator

    Secondly ,an art curator will visit the Elementary School and meet with each class during a one week period. For those students who do not get the opportunity to visit a museum, she brings pieces of art work from the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art to the classroom. After talking about these selected pieces of art work , the curator will do a lesson with the students.

    Selected Art Work for SAMA Display

    Lastly, this program showcases student work at a special show at the museum in Loretto.
    Art work will be selected, framed and then sent to the museum to be displayed . A reception for the student artists and their families will kick off the month long event. After the show is over I will be displaying these pieces at the Elementary until I  present them  to the students at their awards assembly at the end of the year.