iPad: Download the "New SmartMusic" app in the App Store.

    On a computer: New SmartMusic is a website available only in Google Chrome, there are not any necessary downloads if you are using a computer. Go here to log in: smartmusic.com/login and click on the large NEW SMARTMUSIC image on the left.


    1. Select "Create an Account"

    - Select that you are 13 years old

    Enter an email (If you says that your email is already in use you can make up an email. I suggest making an email like firstnamelastname@gmail.com because you need to remember it).

    - Create a username and password

    - Submit

    2. It will say it's sending you a verification code but it never will so ignore that.

    3. Click on "smartmusic" on the top left to go back to the home screen

    4. Select "Join Class" and then type in your code:

    3rd Grade Code: QRJNF-APFWE

    - Once you are logged on you can search for the "Recorder Apprentice" and "Recorder Express." Make the tempo between 60-80 beats.

    4th & 5th Grade Band Code: NDULY-RDT7E

    Middle School Code: TD6UV-NE7KF

    5. Then it will say that it's emailing me for verification. Once I verify it, you'll be able to login.

    6. IF YOU GIVE UP, EMAIL ME (jkemerer@chsd1.org) AND I'LL MAKE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOU!!!

    7. Once you are logged on you can find your music (only 4th & 5th grade band) under “Assignments” & “My Method Books.” You can also use the "search" option to find any pieces that I suggest. Use tempos 60-90.

    To find your own music:
    - Select the "Band & Orchestra" music category.
    - Select "Concert Band" and then choose your difficulty.

    The difficulty levels are ranked like this:
    Beginning (4th Grade Level)
    Very Easy (5th & 6th Grade Levels) 
    Easy (7th/8th Grade Levels)
    - All 3 have a green dot on the right side of the screen.
    - An orange dot represents high school music and a red dot represents advanced high school/college level music.

    Percussion Tip: 
    When you have a piece opened, select "assessment" to see all of the available percussion parts. Below the red record button there is an instrument pull down menu on the center right side of the screen. Switch between the percussion 1, 2, and other options there to see all of the parts.


    This gives you access to thousands of pieces of music. You can share this account with an older sibling. Take advantage of it!


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