• Smart Music Benefits

    Without a teacher present, it is easy to students to practice incorrectly and develop bad habits. Students are strongly encouraged to use interactive music software at home. Using this technology will help students to have productive practice sessions. It should take some of the frustration out of learning an instrument and it should make practice sessions more enjoyable.

    With New SmartMusic students can:

    - Play or sing with an accompaniment at home.

    - Receive immediate feedback on their performances.

    - Record their performances for self-assessment and instantly share their results with their teacher.

    On an iPad:

    Download the "New SmartMusic" app in the App Store: NEW SMARTMUSIC

    On a computer: (no download necessary)

    Click here to login: Smart Music Login 
    1. Select "Join Class" and then type in this code: (Copy & paste the code if you can't get it to work. Make sure that you are selecting "New SmartMusic." Please email me if you cannot get it to work.)
    4th Grade: U5IQB-WTQXJ 
    5th Grade: Y6K2I-FKH5O  
    2. Select "Join & Create Account" and then follow the instructions to create an account.
    3. If you already have an account: Login and then select "Join a New Class with Class Code" in the "My Classes" section.
    4. Confirm your account in your email or ask Mrs. Kemerer to confirm your account.


    1. Log in at SmartMusic Login
    2. To practice full band music:
    - Look in "My Pending Assignments" or "My Classes" to see a list of pieces.
    - Hit "play" and then select your instrument.
    3. To practice with your method book:
    - Go to the home screen & find the "My Method Book" section
    - Select the book and then hit open
    - Click on movement (song name) and then scroll way down until you start seeing numbers at the beginning of the titles. Select the number of the song from your homework and open it.
    - Once you are in the window that shows music, you can go to the next song by selecting the "Mvmt./Instr." option.
    Support for New SmartMusic: