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     Western Civilization and Government - Course Description
    This course studies and analyzes social, cultural, technological, political, economic and intellectual advancements in World History throughout all the major historical eras. The curriculum also includes the rise of a republican form of government and creation of the United States of America. Important themes include Prehistoric Time, Ancient Civilizations, the Middle Ages and the Modern Era. The impact of democratic principles proposed by the European Enlightenment philosophers on the development of the United States Constitution will be explored. The course will also explain topics in American government that will include, but not be limited to: Federalism and the Constitution, separation of Powers, Federal, State & Local Governments, Civil Liberties, and the Rights and Responsibilities of citizens.
    Western Civilization and Government - Course Methodology
    This course will incorporate a variety of teaching methods.  Obviously, lecture will be utilized as a means of delivering the most information in a limited amount of time.  Other methods include, but are not limited to, class discussion, categorizing, brain storming, demonstration, guided questions, teacher modeling, graphing and charts, map skills, and reading strategies.  Appropriate content related historical films may also serve as a learning tool.
     Western Civilization and Government - Student Evaluation:  Students will be assessed in the following ways:
    • Objective tests and quizzes
    • Written homework
    • Cooperative learning activities
    • Essays and research projects
    • Projects that include collages, surveys, and Internet research and activities