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    Michele Schirf
    Subject/Grade: High School Learning Support/Gifted Support
    Phone:(814) 674-3601x3141
    Best Time To Call: 8:45-9:30

    Welcome to my classroom website.  If you ever feel the need to contact me, you can do so by email or calling to the school.  I check my email daily and will respond promptly.  My daily schedule is as follows:

    1st period-  Principles of Supportive Studies
    2nd period- PREP
    3rd period- Gifted Support
    4th period- Principles of Supportive Studies
    5/6 period- Lunch
    7th period- English 11B w/ Mrs. Mulraney
    8th period- Applied Physics w/ Mr. B. Vescovi
    9th period- Geometry B w/ Mr. I. Vescovi
    10th period- Support/Enrichment


    Classroom Rules and Regulations 
    Principles of Supportive Studies

    1. Come to class prepared with necessary materials (textbooks, pencil, notebook, etc…).
    2. Be in your seat, quiet, and prepared to work when the bell rings.
    3. Students will support other students in their learning.
    4. Students will engage in behavior which is beneficial to themselves and to others.
    5. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects away from others.
    6. Always sign-out when leaving the room.
          7.Cell phones or any other device with a camera will not be permitted in class.  

    Grading Policy
    Principles of Supportive Studies


    I  Arrival

              1-Arrives to class on time

              0-Arrives late to class


    II Preparation

              2-Has all appropriate/organized materials to work with

              1-Has materials but very disorganized

              0-Does not have needed materials


    III Work Ethic

              3-Self starter-readily begins without prompts

              2-Begins work after short delay/upon initial request

              1-Among the last to start working/needs constant reminders to work

              0-Last to start work and first to quit


    IV Behavior

              2-Stays in seat/on task

              1-In seat yet off task

              0-out of seat/off task

    *Students will be graded on the criteria above, based on a total of 8 points. 



    Events from this school year


    Patton Park Clean Up
    High school NHS and gifted students volunteered their time to clean up the Patton Park.  We have been doing this for several years both in the spring and fall to help students understand the value and importance of giving back to their local community and having pride in where they live.  


    Kinzua Bridge
    On Friday, September 28, students from Cambria Heights High School departed for a trip to see Kinzua Bridge located in Kinzua Bridge State Park.  Students were given some background information from their teacher as well as peers, Sam Snyder and Tyler Huber, who gave an informational talk on the way up to see the bridge.  The honors physics class will be completing a lesson on structure and bridge building during the second part of the year and students were able to learn about the history of bridge building as they attended this field trip. 

    Kinzua 1

    Kinzua 2

    Kinzua 3


    Open Heart Surgery Observation (AGH)
    Anatomy and Physiology II students and gifted students traveled to Pittsburgh to view open heart surgery at Allegheny General Hospital.  Students were able to view the entire surgery in a dome located above the operating room.  Not only were students able to view surgery as it was happening, but there was someone from AGH in the dome with them explaining all the steps as they were happening.  A truly amazing experience for our students!

    Open Heart Surgery  



    College Fair
    Cambria Heights High School, once again hosted a very successful College Fair on Tuesday, November 6.  There were 32 post secondary colleges/universities/training schools/military branches present in the gym.  Students were able to talk to a variety of schools and find a good fit for their post secondary endeavors.  

    college fair

    Great American Day
    On Tuesday, November 13, twelve high school students from Cambria Heights attended a field trip to UPJ where they hosted the Great American Day Presentation/Luncheon.  This year, the spotlight was on Ulysses S. Grant.  E.C. Fields, Jr., Ph.D. presented to the audience and portrayed President Grant.  Students listened to the presentation and then had the opportunity to ask questions when the presentation concluded. 


    Science Day @ SFU

    Students had a great time at another amazing Science Day hosted by SFU.  This year we entered the Science Bowl and out students tied for 3rd/4th place.  


    science bowl team


    Chain Reaction Contraption Competition
    Students in the honors physics class worked to create a Rube Goldberg Machine (chain reaction contraption).  The class worked on the projct as a whole and representatives from each class presented the contraption to a panel of judges.  One team from CH moved on to the semi-finals (top 8).  Students not only had a great time planning and preparing this project, they also learned a lot about phsyics as well as their ability to work in a group and take constructive criticism. 





    UPMC Bedford visit/shadow

    Our students had an amazing opportuntiy in January to tour UPMC and to talk to and shadow medical professionals in a variety of fields (pharmacist, pharm tech, x-ray tech, nurse, doctor, nurse practicioner, surg tech, physician's assistant...).  What an amazing day! 



    Patton Park Clean Up (Spring)

    Another successful park clean up.  Kids did a lot of work and the park looks amazing now.  Thank you to Mr. Church for cooking hotdogs for our students for lunch.  

    Career Fair

    This year we hosted our 4th annual Career Fair.  All high school students were called down to the gymnasium and were given one period to meet with a variety of professionals from various professions.  There were roughly 50 professionals in attendance.  Thanks to all our community memebers and alumni for donating their time to help support our youth. 

    career fair


    TSA (Technology Student Association) State Competition

    This is the first year for Cambria Heights to join TSA.  We had 15 students participate at the regional level and 10 students achieved scores to compete at the state level which was located at Seven Springs on April 10-13.  All students did an amazing job this year and we even had one student qualify for the National Competition.  




    Washington DC

    While in Washington DC, we took time to visit the Holocaust Museum and had a guided tour of the Library of Congress.  What another amazing experience!