• Mission:
    To provide all Cambria Heights students and those dedicated to education, with opportunities to achieve continued educational excellence.
    It's About the Kids!
    The Cambria Heights School District Highlander Foundation Fund is here for one reason - to make a difference in children's education. Tomorrow's scientists, doctors, authors, inventors, peacemakers, leaders and parents are sitting in the classrooms right now. You can help each child reach their dream because an investment in education helps to prepare students and offers them educational opportunities that are not possible with tax dollars alone.
    Highlander Foundation Board Members
    Emma Venesky - President
    Chance Cann - Vice President
    Stephanie Renninger - Treasurer
    Lori Kosicki-Miller - Secretary
    Alanna Sowers
    Michelle and Ken Carpinello
    Jill Link
    Ken Kerchenske
    Dr. Rhonda Wendekier
    Suzanne Tinnick
    Margo Petre
    Melody Thomas
    Sara Brannigan
    Lisa Gens Kubalek
    Lindsey Link
    Lindsey Kosicki
    Kara Cordell