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    Name: Mrs. Paula Link
    Subject/Grade: Learning Support 9-12
    Phone: 814-674-3601 ext 3140
    Best Time To Call: 7 AM - 8:45, 2:12-4 PM
    Welcome to my classroom website. This website is for you to use if you need to contact me. I check my e-mail daily and will respond back to you promptly. This site will also be used to list my daily schedule and the general education teachers that I will be working with in the general education classes for this school year. As it is sometimes difficult for you to reach me by phone when I am in the classrooms you can call this number which is a direct line into the school office (674-3601 ext 3000). They will either page me or leave me a message to call you back. My phone number to leave a message is ( 674-3601 ext 3140). You can also reach me by e-mail at (plink@chsd1.org)
    The high school continues to operate on the inclusion program for the learning support students. I will be assisting the general education teachers in several of the general education classes to continue to provide services and accommodations for the learning support students and students with 504s in these classes and to monitor their progress as stated in the IEP/504 plan. I will be in the following classes for the 2018-2019 school year:
    1st period - Math 9 - Mrs. Venensky A112
    2nd period - US Cultures 1 - Mr. Kiss S138
    3rd period - Prep  Mrs. Link S140
    4th period - Applied Bio Chem 1 - Mr. Thomas S126
    5th period - Lunch
    6th/7th period - SSTS - Secondary Supportive Transitional Studies Mrs. Link S140
    8th period - English 9B with Mrs. Mislevy A108
    9th period - SSTS Supportive Studies - Mrs. Link S140
    Please refer to the general education teachers website to find out more information on the each course description, lessons for the day, homework assignments given and state standards.
    Lesson Plans
    The objective for this class is to assist students scheduled in this class on homework assignments, project completion, and test preparation. I will also be monitoring the students progress according to their goals on the IEP during 2nd and 10th periods. The students, themselves will be able to access the grade book to monitor their grades and assignments daily to become more independent and responsible for ongoing work. The following standards will be covered during this class.
    Students will demonstrate fluency and comprehension in reading.
    CC.1.3.1-12.E;  CC.1.3.11-12.F;  CC.1.3.11-12.J;  CC.1.3.11-12.K;  CC.1.2.11-12.L
    Students will demonstrate an understanding and interpretation of both fiction and text, including public documents.
    CC.1.3.11-12.E;  CC.1.3.11-12.F;  CC.1.3.11-12.J;  CC.1.3.11-12.K
    Students will write with controlled organization when given written assignments.
    CC.1.4.9-12.A;  CC.1.4.9-12.B;  CC.1.4.9-12.C;  CC.1.4.9-12.E 
    Students will edit their written assignments using the conventions of language by using correct sentence form, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    CC.1.4.9-12.F;  CC.1.4.9-12.L
    Students will develop and use computation concepts, operations and procedures with real numbers in problem-solving situations.
    CC.2.1.HS.F.6; CC.2.1.HS.F.7; CC.2.2.HS.C.2; CC.2.4.HS.B.1
    Rules and Regulations for the Secondary Supportive Transitional Studies - SSTS
    1. Students will come to class on time and with the required material to work on. If the student is continually late they will be assigned a 1 hour detention
    2. Students need to ask for help if needed and to be respectful of others that are working. 
    3. Students will be given a planner and written reminders on the board in class to make sure that they keep up with the assignments and due dates. 
    4. Weekly checks on the online grade book  and with the general education teachers to make sure that they are not falling behind in class work completion.  
    5. Bathroom trips will be limited to 3 a marking period for each class period. This will eliminate unnecessary trips to the bathroom and  encourage work completion.
    6. Cell phones will not be permitted out or in sight during the class. If a student has the phone out, they will be sent to the office and a 2 hour detention will be assigned.
    7. If a student is abasent, he/she will be responsible to meet with the general education teacher and the learning support teacher to arrange time to make up the missed work. 
    Grading Policy 
    Students will be graded on a scale of 0-8 points :
                 1 point. - Student arrives to class on time
                 0 points -  Student arrives to class after the second bell
                  2 points - Student has necessary material to work on for class and is organized
                  1 point - Student has some materials for  class and is disorganized
                  0 points - Student arrives to class with no materials for class 
    Work Ethic
                  3 points - Student starts work independently
                  2 points  - Student starts to work after a short delay
                  1 point - Student is the last to start working and needs constant reminders to stay on task
                  0 points - Student is the last to start working and quits working quickly
                  2 points - Student stays in seat and is on task
                  1 point - Student is out of seat and off task and needs prompting to focus on assignments 
                   0 points - Student refuses to work 
    Students may report to my room from 7:10 to 7:45 to get help with assignments before the start of the school day. Students are also encouraged to come to my room during 10th period if they need additional help with school work or preparation for tests. If a student needs to make up work or falls behind in class, please call or e-mail me. I am at the high school from 7:00- 4:00 at 674-3601 ext 3140 or use the email address above.  Refer to my schedule to make sure that I am in the room at that time (S140) or leave me a message.  They will either page me if it is an emergency or leave a message so that I can call you later. Thank-you