• Algebra 2A and College Algebra Flexible Instruction Days

    Algebra 2A and College Algebra Cyber Days

    The requirements may be different than we discussed on March 13, 2020 so please check Google Classroom for assignments and announcements.

    The first few days will be review of what we were doing in class earlier in March.

    I will post assignments on my Google Classroom.

    Lesson videos are available on my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/YvetteBeunierSmith

    You can also find helpful tutorials on the Khan Academy at https://www.khanacademy.org/math and there are many other youtube tutorials on all subjects.

    All assignments must be completed with supporting work. I will not accept just answers. 

    It is not necessary to print out assignments, just do work on notebook paper. 

    I have created Algebra 2A class for each period and a College Algebra class on the Remind app and Google Classroom.

    Work can be submitted to Google classrooms, unless other accommodations are made. 

    All I need is a picture of the completed assignment in a timely manner. Once assignments are submitted I will send the answer key.

    If you have questions about the assignment email me or message me on the Remind app. 

    Remind App can be joined using the class codes listed below:

    Alg2A Pd 1  @e8ec8f

    Alg2A Pd 3  @9672b6

    Alg2A Pd 5/ 6  @d424c9

    Alg2A Pd 8 @bhddgb

    Alg2A Pd 9 @37d6h9

    ColAlg Pd 4 @2c7ab2

    Google Classroom can be joined using codes listed below:

    Alg2A Pd 1  wogahvr

    Alg2A Pd 3  fkhwvwr

    Alg2A Pd 5/ 6  qvb46fh

    Alg2A Pd 8   3vms5yd

    Alg2A Pd 9  3jnipm5

    ColAlg Pd 4 mikksky

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  • Youtube Link for Lesson Videos


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  • Khan Academy Link

    Khan Academy Math


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