Chrissie Sowers
    Subject/Grade:8th Grade English
    Phone: 674-6290 x2218
    Best Time To Call:1:00-2:00 pm

    8th Grade English

    **To see what we are working on each day in class, due dates, and upcoming assignments, click on "Classwork Calendar."
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    Course Outline

    This year we will be:

    *Composing multi-paragraph papers: personal and fictional narratives, informative, persuasive, and research papers.
    *Reviewing grammar and completing skill-building writing activities 
    *Online writing
    *Individual and/or group presentations

    *Other creative projects or short writing assignments 


    Class Grade:

    *1 point will be awarded each day. 
    *Points are deducted if students are unprepared, disruptive, or fail to follow directions. They are also deducted when students do not put their names on their papers, and when work is turned in late (1 pt. each day it is late).

     Late Work Policy:

    *Homework must be handed at the time (before class, at the end of the day, etc.) it is due or it is late.
    *1st and 2nd Marking Period- one point will be deducted from class grade each day work is late.
    *3rd and 4th Marking Period- one point will be deducted from the assignment and one point from class grade each day work is late.

    **Students will be given less reminders about late work each marking period.