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    Name: Paige Pecora

    Email: ppecora@chsd1.org

    Subject: Foreign Language - Spanish

    Phone: Ext. 3107

    Best Time To Call: 2:15 - 3:00 PM (email preferred)


    Lessons for the week of:          4-27 to 5-1


    Spanish 1:     Unit 5 - Culture and Geography
                          Quizzes:  various quizzes throughout unit (TBA)
    Spanish 2:     Preterite (past) tense
                          Quizzes:  Regular AR, car/gar/zar, Regular ER/IR,
                                           Combined AR/ER/IR, Stem-Change, YJIU groups


    Unit 1 Vocab 

    Greetings & Goodbyes - Los saludos y las despedidas

    Articles, ID Nouns, Making Nouns Plural - Los artículos definidos e indefinidos

    Animals - Los animales

    Colors - 

    Numbers - Los números 0-1000+


    Unit 2 Vocab

    Ser/Estar Adjectives - Las descripciones con ser y estar

    Interrogatives - Los interrogativos

    Family - La familia

    Subject Pronouns - Los pronombres personales

    Ser and Estar (conjugations and uses) - Ser y Estar

    Origin and Nationality - Origen y nacionalidad

    Professions - Las profesiones

    Sports - Los deportes

    Days of the Week, Months of the Year - Los días y los meses

    Events and Holidays - Los eventos y las vacaciones

    Telling Time - ¿Qué hora es?

    Useful Time Expressions - Las expresiones de tiempo


    Unit 3 Vocab

    School - La escuela

    Classroom objects flashcards w/pictures - Los objetos de la clase

    Places and Prepositions - Los lugares y Las preposiciones

    Interrogatives notes and online practice - Los interrogativos

    Ir (to go) - Ir (also includes por vs para)

    Face and Body - La cara y el cuerpo

    Tener (to have) - Tener

    Querer (to want) and Poder (to be able) - Querer y Poder


    Unit 4 Vocab

    Infinitives notes - Intro a los infinitivos

    100+ Verbs from Spanish 1 - Los verbos -AR, -ER, -IR, e irregulares


    Unit 5 Vocab

    Hispanic Countries & Capitals - 

    Map - 

    Around the World - 





    Professional Bio:

    ¡Hola a todos!

    My name is Paige Pecora and I am from Seward, PA. I graduated from Ligonier Valley High School and I went on to study at Saint Vincent College C’15 where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Education. I served as President of the Spanish Club and I served for two years as a Prefect (an RA). I also competed on the Bearcat swim team as a sprint freestyler. Swimming has been a huge part of my life, and I am pleased to be able to continue my career as the head coach here at Cambria Heights.  I have also started my journey towards earning a Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology at IUP, where I work part-time as a graduate assistant in the department of Adult and Community Education.

    During the summer after my junior year at SVC, I studied abroad in Valparaíso, Chile in South America for six weeks. I stayed with a wonderful host family who I still keep in contact with, and I spent much of the time traveling the country while taking classes at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. While I was in Chile, I traveled throughout the dynamic landscape and went on many excursions in an attempt to fit everything I could into a brief six week visit. I also travelled to Costa Rica as a chaperone for a middle school field trip. It was such a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and the students gained a huge appreciation for Hispanic culture. If your child ever has the chance to study abroad, I highly recommend that they take advantage of the opportunity! I promise that they will learn so much and that it will be an experience that they will never forget.

    Second language acquisition is a significant advantage for students that want to become well-rounded and educated individuals, and I want to share my passion of the language and culture with my students. I am so excited to work with you and your children this year! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I look forward to meeting you very soon!


    Miss Pecora