• Welcome! My name is Mr. Bearer and I teach United States Government and Economics.  This class will focus on the essential functions and layout of the United States Government.  The classroom instruction will focus on developing critical thinking skills, analyzing primary sources, and reading comprehension strategies in the Social Studies disciplinary areas.

    Class Project: The major project of the 6th-grade class is the class election, which will take place in November.  The students will conduct various campaign strategies in order to elect a president of the 6th-grade class.  The students will be able to display their campaign speeches and strategies over the morning announcements for the entire Middle School to view.  This class project is aimed at developing team building and people skills to help prepare students for an interactive and rapidly changing society.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me anytime.  I also post assignments and homework on the students Google Classroom page.  This is a great resource if students would need to access a study guide or any other homework material away from school.  Feel free to contact me about Google Classroom information.

    Thank You!


    Email: nbearer@chsd1.org

    Phone: 814-674-6290 Ext. 2128   

    Subject/Grade: 6th Grade Social Studies

    President of the United States, States Seal