• All students are required to meet specific requirements to graduate from a high school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Pennsylvania Code provides for each local school entity to specify requirements for graduation in its strategic/comprehensive planning.  At Cambria Heights, those requirements shall include:


    1.  Successful completion of 24 credits in the following areas: 

           English (4)
           Social Studies (3)
           Science (3)
           Mathematics (3)
           Health & Physical Education (2)
           Electives (9)

    2.  Successful completion of Senior Seminar.

    3.  Successful completion of Career Readiness 10 and 11.

    4. Demonstration of proficiency on the Keystone Exams, approved industry-based assessment, or other state-approved pathway to graduation as outlined in Act 158.


    5.  Scheduling four years of Math and/or Science courses (with the exception of students attending Admiral Peary Vocational Technical School).

    6.  Completion of any additional requirements as set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.