Name: Daria Wargo   
    Subject/Grade: School Counselor
    Phone: 344-8506
    Best Time To Call: Any
     Mrs. Wargo as Captain Recycle!
             Mrs. Wargo as Captain Recycle!
    Hello everyone, and welcome to my website!  My name is Mrs. Wargo and I am Cambria Heights Elementary School's school counselor.  My job is ensure all students reach their full potential in academic, career, and personal/social development.  I do this by meeting with students individually, in small groups, and by presenting guidance lessons in the classroom.  I am always willing to talk to students about their concerns.
    I have both a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 
    School Counseling Department Core Beliefs:
    The school counseling department of Cambria Heights School District shares the values contained in the Strategic Plan. They include the following:
       · All students can learn, but at different rates.
       · The rights of all individuals need to be respected.
       · Cooperation between parents and school personnel is critical to student success.
       · Educational programs foster a sense of civic duty and community involvement. They fit the needs of the community 
        and are adaptable as they change
       · High expectations are promoted coupled with realistic goals to encourage students to reach their fullest potential. 
       · Recognition of achievements fosters future successes.
       · Ongoing staff development is essential for effective education.
       · Students need a variety of opportunities to assist in their preparation for the world of work.
    School Counseling Mission Statement:
       The mission of the school counseling department reflects the Cambria Heights School District vision.  The Cambria Heights School District is a center for learning where individuals will reach their fullest potential in the academic domain, career domain, and the personal/social domain.  This will enable them to have positive impacts on themselves and the community.  A collaborative effort among all stakeholders, including the school board, administration, faculty/staff, students, parents, community, and post-secondary representatives facilitates this process.  The mission of the school counseling department is that all students will meet the challenges of by becoming lifelong learners and responsible citizens.
    Program Goals, Elementary Level:
        A needs assessment was conducted by the elementary school counselor. This involved all elementary teachers reporting which Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Career Education and Work are taught in all subjects. The developmental guidance curriculum was examined to determine what standards are being addressed by the school counselor. A gap analysis was completed to determine needs. A time/task analysis showed the percentage of time for each area of the program delivery system. The existing program was compared to the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) recommendations for the elementary level. These needs assessments generated goals for improvement.
       As a result of the analysis of needs and program evaluation, a goal that has already been implemented is the incorporation of the introduction of career and technical education to all fifth grade students. Another goal for the program is to present lessons related to entrepreneurship at the third and fifth grade levels to fully meet the PA Academic Standard for Entrepreneurship. This, in turn, will alter the percentages for program delivery to better meet the recommendations of ASCA. A long-term goal is to increase parental awareness of and community involvement in the guidance program.