Library Desk

    Our school uses a web-based Accelerated Reader program. There are tests for approximately 80,000 book titles for reading levels from Grade 1 through Grade 6, with a few Grade 7 and Grade 8 reading level books included. By clicking below on the grade level you are interested in, you can view a list of titles that are available in our school library for that specific grade level. Each row in the chart lists the author's last name, book title, number of points the book is worth, and the call number for the book in our elementary library. Call numbers may differ in other libraries.

    This web-based Accelerated Reader also has a Parent Viewer. In the Parent Viewer you can view your student's test results. 
    There are several reports that can be printed out, including lists of all book titles that there are tests available for. 
    These lists are quite lengthy.  To gain access to the Parent Viewer you need to go to the home page of the Cambria Heights web site. 
    Under the SCHOOLS list, choose ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. 
    On the Elementary School page, under the OUR SCHOOL heading, choose ACCELERATED READER.  Click on PARENT. 
    Click on REQUEST PARENT/GUARDIAN ACCESS and fill out the form. 
    Once your form is submitted it make take several weeks before access is actually granted. 
    You will receive an email with your user name, password and instructions.

    To return to the Accelerated Reader window, click HERE.


    Grade 1

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    Grade 2
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    Grade 3

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    Grade 5

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    Grade 6
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    Grade 7


    Grade 8